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Sami Bigalk

"I decided to keep my accounts with Cresco Bank & Trust while I was away at college because I have access to my money without having to carry and balance my checkbook. Through the online banking app, I am able to transfer money between accounts and deposit checks remotely as needed. I'm able to focus more on school knowing that my accounts are private while also having online access being hours away from home".

– Samantha Bigalk

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"We absolutely love the ability to do all our business check deposits from here (work office). I would recommend it to anyone. It is such a time saver plus we have the money in our account faster."

– ReNae F.

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"Decorah Bank and Trust continues to impress with their service and professionalism".

– Matt T.

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"Thank you to Decorah Bank for all of the great service! Even customers from outside of northeast Iowa would be well served by this great institution".

– Claude M.

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"Locally owned... a bank you can trust..... unlike the corporate giants. I highly recommend this bank to anyone".

– Roz K.

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"Family owned. Very friendly & extremely trustworthy".

– Helen C.

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"I love my bank. I can always get issues resolved right away. People care about me and I wouldn't bank any where else. DBT has proved over & over again they care about this community".

– Joy C.

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"I cannot thank the Bank more for the outstanding customer care I was given when I had a financial problem. I am SO proud to say I bank at Decorah Bank. I had excellent care and service given to me when I moved to Decorah".

– Carol W.

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"DBT's greatest asset is the people that make personal banking a great experience. Don't lose that asset".

– Brian S.

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"Dear Ben & Joe – You two guys and your bank are truly community minded".

– Dennis O.

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"This bank was recommended to me by a long-time friend who banks here. As he said, there is no other choice of banks but this one!'".

– Barb N.

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"The people are super friendly & efficient".

– Terri L.

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"They provided after hours service on a Friday! Exceptional support and explanations of each step!"

– Samuel B. and Dean G.

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"How nice it is to bank at a bank that cares so much for their customers!".

– Al & Mary A.

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"Decorah Bank is the epitome of what a community bank should be. Continued best wishes!".

– Dwight S.

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"Warm & genuine welcome, knowledgeable & helpful financial advisors & planners, generous contributors to the local community & the greater good nationally & internationally (energy use, solar, etc.) Thank you".

– Harley R.

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