Woman sitting on a boat holding her debit card

Debit Cards

No Annual Fee Debit Card

Get cash, make purchases locally or around the world.

Get your debit card instantly
Once you’ve requested your debit card, there’s no reason to wait 10 days for your card to arrive in the mail with our on-site Instant Issue service. This service also comes in handy if your card becomes stolen or lost – please contact us right away if this happens.

EMV Technology
Our debit card includes EMV (chip) technology to securely store your private account information. 

Mobile Wallet
Connect your debit card to your smartphone with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. It’s easy to set up and super fast to use in stores! Learn more.

Fraud Alert Service
As a part of our debit card protection program to help keep your account safe you will receive a text or phone alert if suspicious activity is detected on your debit card.

How to get an EMV debit card
Contact us and ask to speak to a personal banker to get your new debit card.

Save the Change
Build your savings automatically when you use your debit card. This courtesy service transfers funds from one account to another to help you save money the easy way.

Learn more

MasterCard® Benefits
Your MasterCard debit card provides multiple benefits. The MasterCard Guide to Benefits is available to view here.