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Purpose & Values

To Help People Achieve Their Financial Dreams

Leadership & Service to Others

  • We are leaders in our industry and community.
  • We are responsive and over deliver.
  • We add value to every relationship.
  • Life gives to givers and takes from takers.
  • We are good to mother earth.

Dallas Steffen shaking hands with a customer

Employee meeting


  • We help, encourage and respect each other. No one sits on the bench.
  • Marketing is not a department, it’s a mindset every employee must have.
  • No gossip, backbiting or whining. Use advancing language.
  • Be direct. No one is a mind reader.
  • Team before individual. We act for the greater good of the bank.
  • Follow through on commitments. Be prepared and on time.

Growth Mindset

  • If we aren’t moving forward, where are we going?
  • Change is constant; embrace it.
  • When the speed of change outside exceeds inside, the end is near.
  • We look for better, faster and more efficient ways of doing things.
  • We are life-long learners.

Jon, Heather, and Ben having a business meeting

Ryan and Leslie at the Holiday Parade wearing elf costumes

Have Fun!

  • Take our jobs seriously and ourselves lightly.
  • We are imperfect. Mistakes happen; own them and learn from them.
  • Make work fun, show gratitude and celebrate success.
  • Enjoy the journey. Make it more than a job: an opportunity to grow, to make people happy and to help them achieve their dreams.

Our Culture Book

Our culture is the soul of who we are as a company. Click below to view our full Culture Book.

our culture book