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Savings & CDs

Grow Your Business the Low Maintenance Way

Your business is unique. We offer a variety of savings accounts with different options that can suit your individual needs. There’s nothing we enjoy more than helping our business customers earn extra from their savings.


Business Savings Accounts

For businesses large and small, this account is a perfect fit for any business owner who wants to save and have convenient access to their money.

Insured Money Market Investment Account

Earn money market interest rates and have easy access to your money. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Certificates of Deposits (CDs) for Business

Interested in additional ways to grow your money? Decorah Bank & Trust offers a variety of certificate of deposit (CDs), all with terms you’ll be comfortable with. Whether it’s just a few months or up to a few years, you can take advantage of higher interest rates and the safety and security of FDIC insurance.

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