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Digital Banking

Digital Banking Suite

Our digital banking platform is designed to facilitate banking when and how you need it. This one-stop-shop approach aims to give you banking options, control, and flexibility from a single log-in. Our platform includes digital banking access from your computer or laptop, apps for your Apple or Android mobile device, and most recently, the Apple Watch. Enrollment is fast and easy – click here to get started!

You need a full suite of online banking tools, and we have them for you:

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Debit Cards

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Mobile Wallets

Making purchases is easier and safer than ever before.

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Commercial Tools

Our commercial tools make it easy to send payments, collect funds, send wires, and manage your payroll. Manage users, roles, and run your business like a savvy, efficient, successful business owner or manager. And while the threat of cybercrime is a harsh reality today, we offer ACH and Check Positive Pay as additional services to help you sleep easy at night. Other available services include Remote Deposit Capture and Credit Card Processing.

Strong Security

Each session is scored based on your habits to help prevent fraudulent access. Even when using mobile apps, you can be protected through your biometrics. Each session has a maximum time limit and inactivity timeout. Don't worry. We've got your back.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets offer a fast and secure method of making a payment using only your smartphone and your fingerprint. Our debit cards are easily added into one of our three mobile wallet options. Find out how to get started now.