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Banking Local is as Important as Ever

At Decorah Bank and Trust, we make loans to you and your neighbors, to farmers and to local business owners. We hold deposits from within our communities and invest back into them. We are here for you, and your deposits are safe with us.

In light of the news around Silicon Valley Bank and consequent customer concerns, community banks across this country are reminding consumers that they are in the best position to support customers and small businesses. #BankLocally is as important as ever. The ICBA issued the points below in response to the closing of Silicon Valley Bank.

Upcoming Travel? Take Advantage of Card Controls!

Posted in: Digital Banking

Upcoming Travel? Take Advantage of Card Controls!

Traveling soon? Let us know!

Whether you are headed somewhere for spring break or summer vacation, make sure you let us know where your debit card might be used. Card Controls, found in Digital Banking, makes this fast and easy. You can quickly submit the dates and locations you are visiting, so we can help keep your card secure, and reduce the risk of blocking a transaction when you need it!

Be sure to check out all the other features offered in Card Controls, like alerts and limits. You can customize when to receive a text or email alert when your card gets used in certain locations or for certain dollar amounts. You can also place blocks on international and e-commerce transactions. If you happen to lose your Debit Card, you can even suspend the card completely until you find it, or have the bank issue a new one to you.

Take full control of your Debit Card with Card Controls, and make sure you pack it along on your next adventure! Use this image or get clearer screenshot:

debit card screen shot