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The October “Feed the Pig” Fundraiser was a Big Success!

In just one month, the recent “Feed the Pig” fundraiser raised $18,752.18 in monetary funds to support area food pantries. Wanting to come alongside organizations helping those in need locally this holiday season, the fundraiser focused on three area food pantries: Decorah Community Food Pantry, NEIACA Food Pantry of Winneshiek and Howard Counties, and Greater Area Food Pantry in Calmar.

Cresco Bank & Trust Sponsors Cadet Capital Campaign with $150,000

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Cresco Bank & Trust Sponsors Cadet Capital Campaign with $150,000

Cresco Bank and Trust committed $150,000 to Howard-Winneshiek Community School District’s Cadet Capital Campaign. The campaign will help support the school's current building project to connect the existing elementary/junior high and high schools. The project includes a new alternative learning center, weight room, auxiliary gym, wrestling room, locker rooms, storage, training rooms, coaches offices, officials rooms, corridor, new classroom space, and vestibule.

Cresco Bank sees education in our community and the continued growth and development of the Howard Winneshiek school district as vital to our area. Bank President, Donna Thomas, stated, "As a life-long resident of the community, I, along with my large family, have benefited from Howard-Winn. It is now important for us to support this capital campaign for future generations. If we all do our part, the next generation will also benefit from safe and modern facilities."

Echoing these sentiments, Bank Chief Credit Officer & School Board Member Andy Ludeking said, "As Chair of the Cadet Capital Campaign, I feel it's important that we are transparent with the communities in our District as to why we are doing a fundraising campaign. The building project itself is going to cost about $2 million more than originally planned due to rising costs over the past few years, and several equipment purchases/improvements were not included in the original project scope; therefore, we felt that a campaign would help give the District more financial stability and flexibility, along with providing the opportunity to take on additional projects in the more near future."

The Capital Campaign is still working hard to raise needed funds to complete their $1,000,000 fundraising goal. To give to the project, visit the school's website here. Any donation will help to ensure all aspects of the renovation are completed.