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Feed The Pig

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Feed The Pig

Fundraiser for Local Food Pantries

Celebrate Pork Month this October with the 'Feed The Pig' community fundraiser! Decorah and Cresco Bank & Trust, in partnership with the Lynch Family Foundation, and GPC, aim to support local food pantries throughout the month.

Decorah and Cresco Bank have pledged to match up to $2,500 in community raised funds. GPC will also match up to $2,500, with the Lynch Family Foundation promising to do the same for pork donations.

We welcome donations in the form of cash and checks at all Decorah and Cresco branches. For ease, checks can be made payable to one of three area food pantries: Northeast Iowa Community Action Corp, Decorah Community Food Pantry, or Greater Area Food Pantry.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us. Let's band together as a community and ensure that no one is left without essential food and resources!