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Online Finance Courses for all ages

Online Finance Courses for all ages

January 3, 2020 – Decorah & Cresco -Say hello to FREE financial learning whenever you want. We are excited to launch a new online financial literacy program, developed by Banzai. Banzai is a real-world financial wellness program used by tens of thousands of schools nationwide and now offers the same curriculum online for people of all ages.

Banzai is a “choose your own adventure” game that prepares you for life’s hardest financial decisions and helps you set smart financial goals. You will learn to make trade-offs, setting money aside for your needs, and living well at the same time. Banzai offers three games: Junior (ages 8-12), Teen (ages 13-18), and Plus (adults). Banzai also offers a library of articles for your reading pleasure, and virtual coach sessions that make you feel like you’re having a financial discussion with a real person.

The Decorah and Cresco Bank Banzai site is web-based and can be accessed on most devices. It even offers special support for iPads and Chromebooks. Try it out today for free at or access it from the Services & Resources tab at

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