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Banking Local is as Important as Ever

At Decorah Bank and Trust, we make loans to you and your neighbors, to farmers and to local business owners. We hold deposits from within our communities and invest back into them. We are here for you, and your deposits are safe with us.

In light of the news around Silicon Valley Bank and consequent customer concerns, community banks across this country are reminding consumers that they are in the best position to support customers and small businesses. #BankLocally is as important as ever. The ICBA issued the points below in response to the closing of Silicon Valley Bank.

What Can You Do To Make A Difference?

What Can You Do To Make A Difference?

Celebrate Earth Day by following these simple tips

Looking for ways to support our environment and help combat the climate crisis? Look no further! Below are some Earth Day tips for you to take environmental action on your own all year long! Together, we can make a difference. Small steps lead to big change!

1. Celebrate Earth Day with Recycling
Wine corks, toothbrushes, crayons, and even toilets can all be recycled. The most common item you see daily is likely in the form of plastic. Did you know there are seven types of recyclable plastics? Items range from soft drink bottles to shopping bags - even luggage. Unfortunately, not all of our daily items can be recycled, but checking your containers for their recycling symbol is important. Next time you finish a bottle of shampoo, recycle it! It may be someone’s next sleeping bag.

2. Celebrate Earth Day with Reusing
Does spring give you the itch for remodel projects? Look around your house first instead of jumping in your car to head to the big-name stores. Do you have an old coffee table that may need a fresh coat of paint, or a chest of drawers that need spruced up with a new set of drawer pulls? Restore the beauty in your older pieces before taking them to your curb.

3. Celebrate Earth Day by Nixing Fast Fashion
A new pair of pink sandals, your tenth pair of mediocre denim or ordering from big-box stores are things we are all guilty of doing. Stop to think, “How is this affecting the environment around me?” Instead of the vibrant, one time wear sandals consider a neutral option that will allow more cost per wear. The same goes for all aspects of your wardrobe. Electing to spend a little extra initially will likely pay off in the end when it comes to quality. Whether you are shopping for pieces to create a capsule wardrobe or grocery items to fill your pantry, shopping locally will also benefit your community. So grab a reusable bag and head down to your local downtown to stock up everything from food to fashion!

4. Celebrate Earth Day by Doing Your Part
Here in the Midwest, when the signs of winter melt away, it shines light on the trash accumulation under the months of snow. An easy way to help your community spring ahead is by getting out and helping pick up items others have left behind. As a result, wildlife, community members and visitors all benefit from a cleaner, greener environment!

5. Celebrate Earth Day by Walking or Biking
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, a typical passenger vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Every gallon of burned gasoline creates roughly 8,887 grams of carbon dioxide. Opting to catch the next bus or train can reduce emissions by 45%. Is public transportation not an option in your area? Biking, walking, or carpooling a few times a month can also make a significant impact. Small steps, big change!