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Making the Move to for Added Security and Your Protection

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Making the Move to for Added Security and Your Protection

Welcome to our new and refreshed website! Enjoy all the same conveniences you’re used to, but with a new look, added features and tools, simpler navigation, more mobile-friendly, and added security for your protection. 

A significant change you’ll notice with our new website is that our URL has changed from to Why did we make this change? Most people don’t know that “.com,” “.org” and “.net” domains are a much easier target for phishing attacks because anyone can purchase these types of domain names, making it easier for someone to spoof a website. Website spoofing means that a person can create a replica of a trusted site to mislead visitors to a phishing site; therefore, they can steal your information if you log into online banking, for example.

You’ve seen domains such as “.edu” and “.gov,” which must first prove they are legitimate educational institutions or government entities and be verified before they are granted access to those domains. “.Bank” is one of those protected domains which ensures that only banks who have completed the authentication process can register a .bank domain.

We made this switch because we take your security and privacy very seriously. We understand that when you visit our website, whether to get information or use online banking, the site should be as secure as possible. From now on, when you want to visit our website, type in the address field and feel confident knowing you’re visiting a secure and trustworthy site. Now that we've made the change with our new website, you can expect to see .bank in all of our correspondence, communication, and when you visit us online. If it's not there, the website or the email is not from us. 

Whether you have questions about the move to .bank or some other banking concern, we’re here for you! Stop by one of our locations for a chat, contact us online, or call us with any additional questions.